Are we living in the most confrontational time in human history? Conflict from all corners of the earth infuses our daily lives while the question of a final confrontation of world powers hangs over the globe.

In the gathering smoke, it's important to remember we are individuals, not just a planet in distress. We inhabit a world where good and evil intermingle. And as much as we are part of this world, we also need to be rescued from it. We need a confrontation with God.

God wants your life to be filled with light. But first you have to ask Him to forgive the part of you that is evil. He provided the one and only way to forgiveness by sending His son Jesus to die for you. If you accept His sacrifice, you will be made whole.

You have a choice. You can say yes to God, or you can say no. And that right to choose is the very reason why we are living in a world which is at once good and evil.