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Neighbourhood Watch

Saturday morning and a neighbourhood church is setting up a little tent on their front lawn. I was curious. Were they planning to hand out Bibles or tracts? Invite locals to attend church services? This is a very pagan area and the local churches don't often reach out to the community.

I made a point of checking on it as I passed by later in the day. Turns out they were advertising a children's soccer camp. To "make better players and better people".

What happened to summertime Vacation Bible School? Just a few decades ago it was a popular summertime event held in local churches, neighbours houses, backyards, even garages. The Bible was taught, the Gospel presented, and many children accepted Jesus as Lord and Saviour.

Today, evil is not being held back as much as truth is. Many are afraid of offending others. And there's an unspoken spirit of antichrist in society. Sharing God's Word in communities, workplaces and schools is not considered "polite".

So I've had to consider my own ways. What am I doing to share the Gospel in my own neighbourhood? I'm reminded of an uncle who lived nearby as I was growing up. He had a huge road sign in front of his home quoting John 3:16 in bold text. It stayed up for many years. Thousands had the privilege of reading God's Word as they drove by.

In my urban area a big sign would not be allowed, but I've been inspired to have little note cards printed, business card size, with John 3:16 on them. I'm beginning to take them out with me as I run errands, in case I should run into anyone needing God's Word. They are also a good size to post on community notice boards. I'm planning to have more printed with other verses as well. Today is the day to share the Gospel. Today is the day of Salvation.

"Redeeming the time, because the days are evil."

Ephesians 5:16 KJV


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