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The Angry Church

Anger. It's a popular sentiment today. It even shows up as a food trend. "Angry sauce" is a popular feature on the menu at a local restaurant.

It's an emotion that shows up in expected and unexpected places. For me, recently, it was in a cab. A few minutes into the drive the taxi driver started to talk about his faith in Jesus Christ. I was amazed and blessed to witness him sharing his faith so openly.

We discussed the condition of the world and agreed we are living in perilous times. But the conversation turned when I expressed the great hope we have as believers, in the return of Jesus to earth to rule and reign in righteousness.

He slammed on the brakes, insisting we have no need to be concerned with Bible prophecy, nor with Israel, because the kingdom is already here inside each of us.

After pointing out that the coming millennial kingdom is described in the Bible, I tried to shift the conversation to what we have in common - our Salvation. But he kept on angrily preaching his own "truth" and by the time we reached my destination, I was relieved to say goodbye. And it was quite apparent, peace on earth is not yet here.

This type of discussion takes place every day of the year, with variations, in our volatile world. On social media, in theology schools, and even in churches. Strong words without the Holy Spirit and without the Word of God in full view.

While it's painful to witness such division in the church, we know one day true believers will be united as only Jesus Christ can unite us.

Meanwhile, we can pray for our brothers and sisters who are not living inside the hope of Jesus' soon appearing. We are also surrounded by souls in need of Salvation and we have an unlimited supply of God's love and truth to share with the world.

"Let your light so shine before men,

that they may see your good works,

and glorify your Father which is in heaven."

Matthew 5:16 KJV

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